About Us

Ultrasun was founded three decades ago, by a Swiss chemist whose brother had been a victim of skin cancer. He was determined to make a difference by combining his own life experience with his knowledge and expertise as a chemist. Still made and formulated by Swiss skincare experts, our ethos remains the same today, to find a way to make that crucial choice of protecting against the sun easier for all, no matter the skin type, skin tone, age or lifestyle.


With skin enhancing ingredients, lightweight and non-greasy formulas our award-winning products offer broad spectrum protection from damaging UVA, UVB, Blue Light and Infrared-A rays. We are the only suncare brand to use patented Lamellar technology to provide long-lasting, high level, water resistant protection. Lamellar gel structures have a high affinity to the natural structure of the skin which allows them to bind and work below the skin’s surface, mimicking the skin’s own structure to avoid irritation. Our Sun protection is anchored in the stratum corneum and delivers long-lasting protection whilst strengthening the skin barrier. This allows the product to bind with the skin in a way that is unique to our lamellar formulation. High-quality UVA and UVB filters work alongside skin boosting actives such as Bronzyl®, Ectoin® and Infraguard® and remain within the skin’s layers throughout the day. Working in perfect synergy with the skin’s own system.


All Ultrasun products are formulated with carefully selected ingredients to help maintain the skin’s natural balance. Highly recommended by Dermatologists for ultimate skin compatibility without irritation. Accredited with the Swiss Allergy Seal of Quality, our products are hypoallergenic with no emulsifiers or perfume, making them suitable for babies and the most sensitive skin. Easy absorption and non-comedogenic formulations prevent the onset of sun allergies or prickly heat whilst allowing a natural tan. Lamellar technology is a milestone in sun protection enabling the use of fewer sunscreen filters to reach superior protection levels without irritation.


At Ultrasun we strive to continually research and invest in formulas that are the most compatible for skin protection whilst also being environmentally friendly. Our products are both reef friendly and ocean safe. We are proud to be the first sun protection brand worldwide to be awarded the BASF EcoSun Pass, the ultimate test of environmental impact for sun protection products. Our products are both vegan friendly and cruelty free.