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We have secure Razor Pay payments which will include: Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, America Express, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and All Credit & Debit cards.

How do I know I am buying a Genuine product?

All our products are sourced from the official Websites, distributors, or directly from the brand manufacturer which guarantees that you are purchasing a genuine product and all credentials can be verified.

Where is my order?

Orders are typically processed and shipped within 3-7 business days. Please check your email for shipping and order confirmation. Your tracking number will be automatically emailed to you after your order has shipped. Registered users may also log in to My Account to view order status and history.

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In order to cancel your order please call our Customer Care Number- 7428892876 to speak with one of our representatives from 9 AM to 5 PM. Sunday Closed. If you wish to cancel your order during hours we are closed please email at ultrasun@bllifesciences.com

Can I amend my order after I have placed it?

To ensure orders are delivered as quickly as possible all orders are processed instantly. - We cannot guarantee we will be able to amend your order. However, if you would like to make a change to your order please email ultrasun@bllifescinces.com and we will try our best to accommodate your amendment before the order is dispatched.

I've received an incorrect order, what should I do?

Please inspect goods fully on receipt. Any damages/shortages/incorrect products must be reported at ultrasun@bllifescinces.com within 48 hours from receipt of goods with full details of the issue, along with photographs of all packaging and contents. If a return/refund/replacement/exchange is required, please provide full details on this process during email correspondence. Ultrasun cannot accept responsibility for damages/shortages / incorrect products reported after the stated 24-hour period.

Can Aging & Wrinkles be treated by using Ultrasun Photo Age sunscreen?

Yes, Ultrasun Photoage sunscreen for sensitive skin has antioxidants and Ectoin for wrinkle reduction.

How much protection does Ultrasun Photoage sunscreen gives to the skin?

Ultrasun Photoage sunscreen gives you protection from UVA, UVB, infrared, & blue light rays. It has SPF 50 pa++++ protection

My skin is so sensitive, greasy and acne prone. Which sunscreen can I use?

Ultrasun Photoage Control Fluid Sensitive Skin sunscreen because it's non-greasy gel based sunscreen and is specially made for sensitive, oily, & acne prone skin.

Does Ultrasun sunscreen give broad spectrum protection or not?

Yes, Ultrasun sunscreen gives both UVA and UVB protection to your skin. Additionally, it gives protection from Infrared rays and Blue Light.

Is Ultrasun Pediatrics Mineral sunscreen safe for my 5 months old baby?

Ultrasun Pediatrics Sunscreen SPF 50 is a mineral sunscreen which has 0% chemical filters. It is specially formulated for babies as they have extremely sensitive skin. It is safe to be used on babies above 3 month of age. Recommended application of sunscreens is above 1 years of age.

How should I apply Ultrasun sunscreen to achieve the best results?

Apply the sunscreen 15-30 minutes before sun exposure. Spread evenly by applying the product in 1 direction. It's effective for up to 7 hours of sun exposure. Reapply after 7 hours if required. 

When can I start using Ultrasun Pediatrics Sunscreen on my baby?

This sunscreen can be used on babies above 3 months of age. It is always recommended to use any product on kids after the age of 1 year.

Is Ultrasun Pediatrics sunscreen lotion suitable for kids with sensitive skin?

Yes, it is totally safe for babies and kids with sensitive skin.

Are Ultrasun sunscreens free from preservatives and chemical filters?

Yes, Ultrasun sunscreens are free from all chemical filter, controversial ingredients and preservatives.

Is Ultrasun Transparent Sports Sunscreen completely transparent?

Yes it is 100% transparent and has no white cast.

Will Ultrasun transparent spray sunscreen wash away with sweat?

No, Ultrasun transparent spray sunscreen is sweat proof so it's effective even when you sweat and stays on the skin.

I am a cricketer, is Ultrasun Transparent Sports Sunscreen suitable for me?

Yes, this sunscreen can be used by any sports person. It will protect you from harmful UVA, UVB, Infrared rays & blue light. It is highly effective when you stay outdoors for long duration.

After how many hours, we should reapply this sunscreen?

Ultrasun Sunscreens provide 7+ hour protection. Recommended application is twice a day

Does Ultrasun Photo Age Control Fluid - Anti Pigmentation have any other benefit apart from sun protection?

Yes, it also helps to reduce inflammation, dark spots, stimulates collagen production, improves skin tone & texture.

Which ingredients are used in Ultrasun Photo Age Control Fluid - Anti Pigmentation sunscreen to reduce dark spots?

Ultrasun Anti-Pigmentation Sunscreen has Stabilised Vitamin C, hexylresorcinol & linoleic acid. These ingredients when used together have a complimentary effect on each other. They have a proven lightening effect .